What We Do

First, we do our “homework.”  We try to get a feel for the neighborhood and the neighbors; and we look at nearby houses.  We talk to your Realtor, and we visit other homes on the market.  We analyze the strong points of the property: Location, size, style, landscaping, floor plan, color scheme and we are honest about its shortcomings.  After all, we all have flaws.  We look at the statistics, and get a feel for the types of buyers who have moved into the neighborhood.

Staging is the creation of an illusion — it involves much more than simply placing furniture and accessories in the rooms.  And it is more complex than simply “decluttering” and “depersonalizing.”    We perform what is becoming known in the field as “Target Marketing” and “Lifestyle Merchandising.”  We are professional in our approach and we strive to appeal to all senses utilizing color, style, proportion and a bit of whimsey.  We hope to create an atmosphere that will lure a prospective buyer into feeling that the home is a place to return to.

We spend time in the home.  We assess its “personality,” and we get to know its idiosyncracies.  We talk to the owner(s).  We select appropriate furnishings and accessories from our varied stock.  Just as not all people can “shine” in the same uniform, not all houses should be furnished in the same style and colors.  And we want each home to sparkle and be remembered as an individual!

Within a week, unless there is major repair or refurbishing that needs to be completed, there is a transformation.  The property is ready to step out and show off its new look.  We like to have Open Houses scheduled as soon as possible after a staging is completed — the positive reaction is energizing and exciting for Owners and Realtors alike.  Often, if the home has been vacant, the change is dramatic.  In some cases, potential buyers who have previously viewed a property are moved to submit an immediate offer once they can visualize how furniture will fit in a specific space.

 Our job does not really end when the last piece of art is hung — we maintain close contact with the Realtor to monitor comments and we are able to alter or adjust a room setting if any negatives are noted.  But, most of the time, we hit the mark.  Our average time on market after a full-house staging is less than half the average time on market in the areas we have worked.  Nationwide, the statistics bear this out.  Staging Works!  Staged homes sell faster and for higher dollars than unstaged homes.