What We Charge


We are experts at providing the proper furnishings and accessories to showcase an empty home.  We coordinate the look and the color scheme; we aim for an eclectic mix of items that will appeal to sophisticated buyers and we choose according to the style and price range of the home, the neighborhood and the projected buyer profile.

We charge the seller a fee based on a percentage of the final selling price, payable at closing of the property, whether the home sells in one day or four months.  This is almost always less than the initial price reduction, if a home does not sell immediately.  Statistics prove that furnished properties sell better than vacant ones, and that staged homes sell more quickly and for higher prices than unstaged homes.

We can work within a budget you have set, if need be, but we have found from experience that staging every room is the most effective way to showcase a property.

A minimal move-in, move-out fee is charged at the outset — that fee includes professional photos for uploading to MLS and for use in brochures and flyers.  That’s all.

We dust, straighten and vacuum regularly; decorate for major holidays if appropriate, sweep the patio and front entry when necessary.  We even turn on lights, adjust the temperature, and bake cookies for Open Houses scheduled by the Realtor.

There are no monthly fees because we utilize only our owned furniture and accessories.   We do, however, work closely with Realtors and Sellers, and if a home has not received offers within a reasonable period of time, we try to assess the reasons and address them.  We function as part of the team.
Consultations and “Push & Shove” Sessions
We often work with Sellers to freshen their surroundings and get a home ready for those important photo sessions.  The results, in as little as two hours, can be dramatic, as illustrated by this set of “before and after” pictures.  All furnishings and accessories were the property of the seller.  All it took was a little furniture moving and a new perspective.  The view, upon opening the front door of this condo, beckons the buyer to “come on in!”
We can do a walk-through with or without the Realtor, and some Agents pay the fee prior to scheduling the photographer.  We have been very successful at updating, freshening and adding appeal to tired, lived-in spaces.  We enjoy the process, and the often-voiced reaction is, “I wish I had done that sooner!”
Fees are charged on an hourly basis.
Pre-Listing Updates
Because of our background as home builders, we have the vision and the ability to look at homes prior to listing and to quickly determine those features that ought to be updated, altered and accomplished prior to listing a property for sale.  Whether it’s stripping wallpaper, repairing damaged walls, replacing plumbing and lighting fixtures, or simply making a red wall neutral, we can suggest the beneficial changes as well as perform the work.  Our charges are reasonable and we work quickly.  Most work is performed on an hourly-fee basis, with reimbursement for actual cost of materials.  Then, of course, we can go on to stage the home and it will present its best face to prospective buyers.
Other Services
     * Although it’s not our goal to undertake major remodeling projects, we have the design expertise and the contractor knowledge to coordinate such undertakings, if desired.  Prices would be negotiated on demand.
     * We have, on occasion, assisted Realtors and Sellers by providing one or more rooms with furniture and accessories for homes on the market.  Fee is determined on a single project basis.
     * On occasion, we will provide “vignette only” staging for a property.  We find, however, that such staging is not as effective as whole-house staging. Fees are determined in conjunction with Owners and Realtors for such special-need endeavors.

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