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Why stage an empty house?

By Adrienne Cohen

Because it will help to sell the property: That’s why!

Potential buyers like to visualize their families and their lifestyle.  Sometimesit’s difficult when there are only four walls, a floor and a ceiling.  Most buyers have trouble seeing their furniture in a space, or relating to the size of a room, or even deciding the best use for a particular space.  Appropriate furnishings and accessories that create a mood, the illusion of a happy life, are what most buyers need to be able to relate to what their life could be like in a particular house or neighborhood.

We have had visitors to our staged homes say, “Thank you for staging this house.  It really helped us decide to submit an offer on this particular property because we could see there was enough space for our home office.”  Sometimes the mere suggestion of what a space could be triggers a reaction in the buyer.

We recently had a buyer tell us that seeing a house transformed from empty to staged was the catalyst that prompted her offer on the property.  She noted that even though the furnishings were “not my style at all,” seeing the dining space and knowing that a sofa would fit in a particular area, and being shown that the kitchen bar counter would accommodate “two stools, but not three” were very important factors in her decision.

Choosing a house is a very emotional experience — and first impressions do count.Remember the old adage that you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

Visitors experience houses with all their senses.  So, from the curb to the backyard, you owe it to yourself as a seller to create the best possible impression.  Staging works!

Staged homes sell, on average, much more quickly and for higher prices than those that are not staged. Don’t be left out!

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